Hi Mates, 

I am having an issue in translation after logout server action, which translation switch back to English after passing through the logout server action. 

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

Best Regards, 


Hi Mohamed,

I think depends on what you're doing in your logout server action. It could be difficult to help you without more information. Did you use the debugger to execute logout server action?  Please check where you're using SetCurrentLocale System Action. 


João Alexandrino

Hi João Alexandrino,

Firstly thanks for your reply.

Here is the Logout from the Authentication module that I'm using, it has nothing to do with localization as I see 

Mohamed AlMokadem

Hello Mohamed,

This is the standard behaviour (afaik), as the definition of the current locale is done for the current session only.
When you do a logout, you are ending the current session and starting a new one.

If you want to keep the current location after logout, you have to implement a mechanism that makes use of the System Action OnSessionStart, that will execute the action SetCurrentLocale for the locale you want.

This way, you ensure that any new session (including anonymous session) will have the desired location.

If the user have the possibility to change locations (like a public app), you probably will want to implement some sort of "cookie mechanism" to store the client preference in a cookie and retrieve it in the OnSessionStart to set the user last locale used.

Eduardo Jauch