Integrating c# class with outsystem to get system name


I am developing a attendance sheet application in outsystem and when the user mark attendance, i want to get the system name of current user who marked attendance and save that system name into database.

I have created the c# class but dont know how i can integrate with outsystem.


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Hello Usama

I don't think what you are trying to achieve is correct.

To integrate a C# code into OutSystems, you need to create an extension. But your code will be executed server side, not client side. So, you will not get the system user that is accessing the application.

That is for what exists the OutSystems user. Simply store the OutSystems user in a field in the entity where the attendance is being stored.


Eduardo Jauch

You can use the buildin GetUserId() function, you can find the documentation here

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Hi Eduardo 

I want to get the system name of user who have marked attendance. Is this possible? because i couldn't found the function to get the system name of the user.


Usama Hassan

Hi Matthias 

I have user id, now i want to get the system name of user from where he marked attendance.

Hello Usama,

What is this that you are referring as "system user name"?
What type of authentication are you doing in your application?

If it is a normal OutSystems application, I don't think you will be able to get this information, as this information would be the user name in the client machine, and the client machine, for a web app, can be anything: Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD, UNIX, Android, iOS, etc.

Don't know if there is any "JavaScript"code/function that can get this information either.

But... Why do you need this?
Why don't you just use the User Name from the User table?

Eduardo Jauch

Hi Usama,

If you have the Id, and want the Name of the End-User, you can use:


Or use this, if you want the username:


If it's not the End-User, what do you mean by System User?



Hi eduardo,

I have written a C# class in visual studio that is returning the "System Name" from which the user is currently logged in. I want to integrate that class into outsystem to get the System name.

Can you guide me how to integrate that class in outsystem?

Hello Usama.

Unless you want to get the "system name" of the SERVER where the application runs, I think your class won't work.

This is because the extension will run in the server, not in the client computer.

How is your users being authenticate? Normal OutSystems login or LDAP, etc?


Eduardo Jauch.

In any case...

Thanks Eduardo, I also want to accomplish that when an employee marks the attendance, if the web cam is avaible it takes the snap and save it with the particular attendance entry. is this possible with  outsystem?