Custom HTML / Custom UI flow

This question may have been asked before, but here goes... 

Can you manipulate or import HTML in OutSystems so that we can accommodate a custom UI flow?

This flow would not have been built in OS  

Hello Craig

Not sure wxactly what do you mean by "import HTML" or "custom UI flow".

You can inject HTML into a page (not advisable thou), using an expression not escaped. But you have to be carefull with the interactions between the page and the HTML, like Id/class clash, etc.

But no, you can't "import" full HTML pages to a web flow.

What's exactly you are trying to accomplish?

I have a client who would like to use a custom frontend while OS handles the processing logic. as opposed to building everything in OS.


I don't think this is possible...
At least not "merge" both.

You could try to do it, like, inject the html in blank pages, without layout, and use JavaScript to execut Screen Actions.

But besides potential conflicts in the interface itself, you would have a lot of work to do...

Another option would be through web services... But I would say that this would not be very efficient...

Understood... Thanks Eduardo