[In-App Notifications Web] Firebase Outdated

Forge Component
Published on 2017-09-15 by Labs
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Published on 2017-09-15 by Labs

Hi there,

I'm getting this error after I got the projectId and secret.

'FirebaseNotifyEvent' Action is incompatible with the 'FirebaseWeb' module definition. Please update it.

Plz help.

Hello Werner,

I've downloaded and installed the component but I was not able to find any incompatible references.

Which steps did you took that lead to the issue?




Hello Werner,

That message indicates that your version of Firebase Web is different than the one we used when we constructed In-App Notifications Web (most probably, your version is an older one).

To fix it, you can update the Firebase web component with the latest version from Forge, and then refresh the references of In-App Notifications Web. 

Another way, is to actually delete both components (Firebase web and In-App Notifications Web) from your environment, and then reinstall In-App Notifications web from Forge: by doing this you are making sure you have the correct version of Firebase and all references up to date.

Please let us know if that solved the issue or if you need any further assistance.


Samuel Jesus