Single SignOn problems

1) I am having some problems with the single SignOn feature.
I have a parent and a child eSpace. The parent eSpace is the User Provider for the child.
Sometimes I logout in the child eSpace, and when I return to the parent to login again, the user is still logged in there (but not in the child). The same happens when I logout in the parent and return to the child.

Is this some kind of bug, or can I be doing something wrong?

2) Is there a way to use Single Sign on with a non-persistent login?
When I set my login to non persistent and change to the child eSpace, the session is lost and there is no user logged in. Is this supposed to happen?

P.S.: I am using OutSystems Express Edition v.
1) Make sure you are always using the publish area and not the personal area (http://server/aplicationName/user/* vs http://server/aplicationName/*) as each of these will keep a different state/login. You can use the function AddPersonalAreaToURLPath if you need to have links between espaces and you want to keep in the personal areas.

2) Yes. I believe the problem you are experiencing might be related to the previous issue.

Let me know if this has helped.

Tiago Simões
Thanks for the help, Tiago, I am now more aware of the two areas and their differences.
I changed the links between the eSpaces and the navigation is now always performed in the same area.
When I did this the problem was still there, so I searched the application to find what could be going wrong.
Turns out I was using the SessionCleaner extension Daniel Lourenço posted some time ago to try and solve another problem, and it was causing the logouts not to work.
So, the problem it is now solved (or so it seems), even for the non-persistent logins.

Once again, thank you for your time.

Filipe Silva