web - button group, radio buttons not filling block

Hi - sorry, very silly question.

I am trying to make a button group in a website which works like the one for mobile. There is a button group widget for web. It has place holders and the tool tip says to put a radio button in them. I do that, I assign the variable to the radio button and I add a lable.

"Add a label to each placeholder along with a radio button..."

The trouble is: only the area inside the placeholder but outside of the label fully works. By works I mean it is able to trigger the screen-action I have assigned to the on-change of the radio button. The highlighting / active assignment works for a click anywhere inside the placeholder area. What is also noteworthy is that the cursor changes to a hand (for a link) when I am in the fully functional edges (inside placeholder but outside label), but reverts to a normal arrow pointer when over the central area (inside placeholder and inside label). This means users will think they are changing the option, but it wont get saved as the action to save the change isn't getting fired.

I suspect I am just misusing it. My widgit tree looks like:
> controls\buttongroup3
>> radiobuttontext
>>> label

>>> radio button
>> radiobuttontext2
>>> label

>>> radio button

>> radiobuttontext3

>>> label

>>> radio button

If the button group looks like the following:

|   y   |   n   |   na   |

Then it behaves like:



* = mouse is hand, on-change is fired, active button works

$ = mouse is arrow, on-change NOT fired, active button works

Any suggestions of what I'm doing wrong very welcome!




Hi Danny,

Instead of using the Label widget, use the Text widget. That should work.





I had the same problem as Danny and José's solution worked.

The documentation should be updated to mention a "text widget" instead of a label.

As it is, it's leading people to have this strange behavior.



Hi Nuno,

What "documentation" are you referring to?


I'm referring to the tooltip text that appears when we hover the ButtonGroup control:

And also on the SilkUI website https://silkui.outsystems.com/Patterns_Web.aspx#Web_Controls_ButtonGroup

When I read "Add a label to each of the placeholders", I though of a label widget...



Perfectly understandable. That's indeed a bit of misleading text.