Why this sort column's arrow has color from processes?


Go to the Service center -> Monitoring -> Processes

Open any process

and you will see this

When I click on Start Date, it sorts and that is fine but why it changes the color of arrows after every sort. This behavior is not seen anywhere. Actually this is scary when I look at it for first time, I get impression that there is problem in my process due to that red color.

Is there a reason color changes in this sort only? Please advice. Shouldn't there be uniformity for all sorts?

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Hello Suraj,

The red arrow simply indicates the order that is currently active (descendent in this case that you provide).

Best Regards,
Paulo Zacarias

Hi Paulo, 

I understand that it represents order which is active but then why this behavior for this column only. This should be for all columns. Isn't it?