Popup Info Baloon - cannot scaffold

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when i try to put widget Popup_infobaloon, there is a message like this:

how to workaround this?

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You need to define which will be the layout webblock for the property popup info baloon in the theme of your application.


Eduardo Jauch


See here: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10/Reference/Web_Interfaces/Designing_the_Layout/Theme

Thank you Sir for quick reply, but i still do not understand. In the course Cinema Detail, it is easily just drop that widget next to a name. However, in Dublin theme, it shows that message.




Because Dublin Theme does not have the layout for Popup Info Baloon defined.

You have to create a layout or use one that already exist and set in the Theme, so that the scaffolding works.

Eduardo Jauch

thank you Sir,

but how to create that theme above "Popupinfobaloontest"?

as in mine there is not that theme:





How is that that your application does not have a theme?

In the Application theme module, you will find the Theme. All other responsive modules will inherits it.

But if for some weird reason you really do not have a theme, you can create one like this:

And than set its properties.
I recommend you to study the documentation about themes in order to learn how to setup it properly.

Some useful links:




Cheers and good study!
Eduardo Jauch


Scaffolding fails because the Theme doesn’t have any layout to Info Balloon Web Block.

Work around found:

    1- Go to App Theme

    2- Set Info-Balloon web block to Layouts\LayoutPopUp

    3- Error persists because there is no image associated to info balloon

    4- Associate image of your choice to Info Balloon (Theme Properties)

        Tip: import Info Balloon icon (through Manage Dependencies -> Rich Widgets -> Search for “Infoballoon_Baloon”)

    5- You can now benefit from scaffolding


My web app was created in Outsystems 11 with Side Menu Template