Newbie question.

Last week I created a new module (a blank data module) in a new application. Whilst building the module I both published it and also saved it. When saving it I created a .oml on my local drive.

When I double click the .oml it loads the whole module into Service Studio and I can see my work fine. I also know its published on the Outsystem servers.

The issue I have is that when I open my application in Service Studio it does not recognise that the module exists in the application. It allows me to create a new application, just not list the existing.

I think somehow through my act of saving the module it has confused Service Studio.


Hello Hamish,

Have you checked if that module is in the "Independent Modules" folder? If it is, you just need to move it to your application. 

Best regards


Thank you...that was nice and easy! That resolved it.


You're welcome Hamish!

I'm glad you solved it :)