Alarm/Reminder Function in P10 Mobile?

How do I force app to foreground when local notification is triggered?

I have use case of a Reminder/Alarm app for an Event, where users is reminded where to go for breakfast, event tracks, lunch, etc.

Notification in notification bar is not enough to draw attention to the user.

I need to ring a special sound, so I need my app in foreground to do that.

Or is there other ways?

Also, can I do this in Outsystems Now alone, because the eventwill start in 2 weeks from now.

This event is for C-level executives, and most of them use iPhone.

I don’t think I can wait for Apple App Review in time.


Hello Harlin.

For Android, there's a component in forge (BringToFront Plugin) that allows that. As for iOS, I don't think it's possible to perform such action without user interaction. (references here and here).

As for OutSystems Now, if has a set of prebuilt supported plugins. If you use a plugin that's not part of the list, it won't work (e.g.: the above plugin I just mentioned).

Let us know if you find a solution for iOS.