we are implementing a new function which envolves exposing an asynchronous SOAP webservice that will be used by another company.

We gave the URL for our method to the company and they responded us that they have an error using it.

The error they described is:

A protocol
 error has occurred: The one-way operation returned a non-null message with Action=''.

Our method is one way so it does not have a return parameter ( void ) but they are telling that we should have an attribute that would return the http status and without it out WS has an empty response.

Their technician is telling that the attribute probably is this one:


Can anyone try to help us in some way? Do we just have to create an attribute with that name? Do we have to integrate?

Thanks in advance for the help,



If you want asynchronous OneWay = true is correct.That is a WCF error. Check this post: