Can't install app on iPad

Can't install app on iPad



We have a mobile app and wanted to test development version on iPad device but unfortunately we have an error "unable to download app"... All certificates are not expired and same version is installed on iPhone with no problems.

What can be the reason?

Thank you


Hello Nick.

There are typically two types of issues when installing an app on iOS:

  1. The server ssl certificate is not valid/correct. In this case, iOS will show the message with "unable to download the app". Are you able to download the app on the other device? Did you added the ssl certificate to the iPhone and not the iPad?
  2. The certificate and profile used to sign the app is not valid for the device (e.g.: built with a development profile that specifies the devices allowed to used the app and the device is not registered). In this case, iOS will start the download but then will either state "cannot install the app" or simply show the icon as installing and never end.

Your case seems to be the first one. Check if the server certificate is valid for the domain and if the iPad is trusting it.



Hi César,

Thank you for reminding me to verify if the device id is included on the provisioning profile. I've somehow missed this device on profile generating step.

All works as expected now.