synchronous uploading with a 'wait' signal


On the moment I am struggling with the following concept:
- user uploads excel document
- when the document is uploaded it will be processed
- during the process the user is shown a wait screen
- when the process is ready the user is automatically redirected to the data overview screen.

My problem is: how do I show the wait screen AND go to the overview screen WHEN the process is ready? Each part is simple in itself but combined I can't get it working in a synchronous way.
Hi Hans,

Here's a suggestion:

- After the excel upload, redirect user to a wait screen.
- On the wait screen preparation, check on the database if the file was processed;
. . . if it was, redirect to the results screen;
. . . if not, do nothing. Include a meta refresh tag (in an unescaped expression) to the screen so it will refresh again in a few seconds. The example below assumes 15s.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="15;url=Wait.aspx">
Hi Paulo,

I created some test based on your suggestion.
Unfortunately I can't get the concept working properly.

The refreshing is going well. The screen refreshes properly.

For the test I use a sleep-action to simulate some action processing time.
With session boolean variables I tried to indicate that the process is done so that we can go to the next page.

When I fill the variables manualy it works OK but using the process to switch the variables doesn't work. I expect that the refresh does something with the variables; making it an eternal loop instead of a switch.

Any ideas to tackle this issue?
Hi Hans,

Try using a flag in an entity, instead of a session variable. The value of the session variable is not shared between a timer execution (which I assume you are using for the asynchronous process) and the browser session. So, changing the session var in the timer will not affect the browser session variable.
Hi Paulo,

This problem is not about a-synchronous uploading but specifically synchronous.
I have dealt with a-synchronous uploading in the past but for this, rather simple upload, I am trying to solve it in a synchronous way. Thus no timers....
Hi Hans,

I assumed the user would be waiting for the processing of the file (so, after the upload).
For the upload process, you have another option for providing some kind of feedback while the user is uploading one or more files: try the OutUploader solution, available here:
Hi Paulo,

I am aware of the outUploader solution but I think it is overkill in this situation. It is just one simple XLS file that needs to be uploaded and processed. The outUploader solution works intensively with JavaScript hooks and callbacks; so basically that's also a a-synchronous process.

Maybe I will use that solution later in a project but for now I think it doesn't suit my needs. Therefore I am going to implement it in a more a-synchronous way; with an upload table and a timer.

Thanks for the help.