500 internal server error

how do i use an exception handler error to replace error messages when "500 internal server error"

Hi Erlina,

If the error is really due an application exception, you can take a look at the global exception handler, usually in the Theme module of your application (your modules should have the Global Exception Handler) defined correctly.

If the error is really a "server error" (not an application error), I don't think you can change the message...

EDIT: You can also add exception handlers in the pages actions (including preparation), and use Feedback Message to show a different message.

Eduardo Jauch

thanks for your answer,

please tell me how to implementation step by step

Hi Erlina Movita putri,

                                    Please have a look on the below page.


Rajendra Singh

Hello Erlina,

If you didn't or did not complete the online training, I recommend you to do so, as it will power up your ability to use OutSystems.


Eduardo Jauch


   When i try to call rest API getting "Internal server error,The remote name could not be resolved".

   But when i check in postman in that case its working fine.I think from outsystems side its not working.

Can you please tell me how can i solve this?.