Hi All,

I am working on a form with questions.

I managed to create question lists and add questions to it.

Now I want to add questions to a form where somebody can give answers.

I already have the Answer entity linked to question.

I have an aggregate with question, questionnaire, answer where I will only show the questions that I want to show. 

The main issue is adding the questions to the form where someone can put an answer in it. 


Hello Hamudi,

I'm not sure if I understood correctly what you're trying to do. My understanding is that you're trying to present a set of previously created questions, in a "form-like" format, so anyone could add an answer to those questions? Kind of a "written test", where a given user would have a set of questions to reply?

If this is your use case, I would advise to not use an EditableTable since the delete option would always be visible (although with the possibility of doing nothing). Please see attached OML for a possible solution for this. Instead of a EditableTable, I'm using a ListRecords and an Input inside each row. This is a very simple example for my understanding.

If I'm not understanding the issue correctly, please let me - and everyone - know. :)



PS: questions and answers are meant to be funny :)


Thanks Armando,

That's exactly what I meant ! 

Glad I could help. :)