I am using Richwidget autocomplete in my application, because we have some fields that have about 500 000 records.

So the only way to load the records is using a search. The problem is that autocomplete has this feature that if you double click on the input it performs a search and it seems that is not possible to disable it. For us the query is too big to be handled. Is there any way to disable the autocomplete double click search feature?

Hi Kadri,

As far as I know it's not possible to disable the double click. However, you could check in the action in which you handle the On Notify whether anything has been entered, and if not take some special action (or just do nothing)?

Hi Kilian!

Thanks for an idea. We are already implementing this. We won't start any search before a user has typed in at least 4 characters. And just to be sure I debugged once again while double clicking with no search value and in my OnNotify event it goes straightly to the end node.

I must say now that I am actually not sure yet what kind of queries(what is the origin of the queries) are triggered after the double click as the queries are from third party module. It seems like queries are just running one after another, but nothing more happens.

I will add a screenshot, what happens if I double click the event. Firstly, it runs a short query about notify event and then it starts to run more than 50 queries called EPA_Taskbox/API_GetActivityCount.aspx?UserId=228

I assumed that the queries are triggered by the autocomplete, but I guess I will just have to trace it down. :)

Hi Kadri,

The EPA_Taskbox stuff has to do with BPT. Are you using BPT?