Remove Uploaded Document in ListAppend


I have a upload document function which collects all the uploaded Document into A ListAppend.

My question is 

1. What should i do to  load the variable AttachmentList(inside ListAppend) into the another variable in DeleteAttachement2 action.

2.How to remove the particular attachment from AttachementList.I manage to get the AttachementId which is unique for every uploaded document.

Below is the uploaded document screen

Does anyone has idea on this? Help !!!


Hi Johnson,

When you click the delete button, inside the Screen Action that's called, the Current of the List property of the List Records or Table Records holds the data for the row that's been clicked. This means you can use YourListRecord.Current.Id as input to the delete action.

As for the second question, the List Records or Table Records List (and every other list for that matter) also has a CurrentRowNumber property that you can use in the ListDelete system action, to remove the item from the list. Don't forget to Ajax Refresh* the List Records widget so the changes are shown.

* So the link on the delete button needs to be Ajax Submit for it to work.