Good Morning.

I intend to build an iPhone application where I will fetch the data using a link to the web site that is in MySQL.

I tried to make the connection in IntregationStudio, but it gives the following error:

error: «Error connecting to server: The value can not be null. Parameter name: source ».

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you


Hi Delfim,

You start off your question with a reference to an iPhone app, but I assume that has exactly nothing to do with the actual question, right? Your actual question is basically "how do I connect to a MySQL database using Integration Studio"?

In that case, please explain what steps you have performed when you say "I tried to make the connection".

In IntregationStudio, when placing the data to configure the connection to the database, the error appears: "Error connecting to server: The value can not be null. Parameter name: source », as shown in the attached image.


Are you sure you are connecting to OutSystems server?

The database connection is set in Service Center, and later used by the wizard when importing tables. It seems to me that you are trying to connect to the database, instead...

Integration Studio will create an extension in OutSystems server, so you must connect to it, using your OutSystems Server address and credentials.

Dear Eduardo Jauch

In fact I'm trying to access the database directly. If this is not the correct procedure, how do I access the database (MySQL) that is online on the site?

Thank you

When I click the link that says: Page not found

My Outsystems account is Free. Is there any influence for that? Access to external datbase can be done by free users?

Hi Delfim,

The link is working here...
Try copy it and past in the address bar of the browser.

Yes, it it possible to connect to external database from personal environment.

Hi Delfim the first thing you need to do is connect in your enviroment, this screen is for that. Fill field Enviroment with your personal address, ex: But berfore connect with your database you need to create a connection in ServiceCenter, you need access log in, access Administration menu and after that Database Connections menu. Create a new connection test it and back to Integration Studio, you will use this connection there.

Thank you for your help.

I've made it to Development. There is an error while performing the connection test:

«Connection String test failed: Authentication to host '' for user 'bbbb' using method 'mysql_native_password' failed with message: Access denied for user'aaaa'@'ec2-34-198-105-19.compute '(using password: YES).

On the server is given access to my IP.

Did you enabled Remote Access in the Amazon server and in in the Database itself?
Also, if you are trying to access with root, it usually is setup to allow only from localhost.

Yes i enabled Remote Access in the site "". With the program "HeidiSQL" I can access from my PC.

Hey Delfim,

Can you share a screenshot of your filled Create Database Connection screen? I'm thinking that this is where you get the error?



Good Morning

Here is an error message in connection to the database


Hum... A search on google (google is your friend) let to some possible solutions to this, like append the domain of the user to the user: user@domain.

Also, MySQL is case sensitive. Be carefull when defining scheme names, etc.



Hi Delfim,

The IP you need to grant access is not the one of your PC. The connection from OutSystems to your MySQL database is done in the backend by the server and not your PC. The issue you will face is that the IP address of your personal environment can change from time to time. So even if you get the IP of your personal environment you would have to monitor the changes and update the access rules on MySQL instance.