Basic question about saving and publishing

Really basic question, as I seem to be have been caught out a couple of time so far.

If you are building out a module, whats the best way to make sure you save your work. I have been publishing but also using <ctrl> <alt> S, which saves a local file to the PC.

Over the past week on occassion I get a mild heart attack when I re-start the outsystems software and I am looking at what seems to be an older version of the module, or the module isn;t associated to the application and is found in Independent Modules?



In my experience new developers get confused with the publish vs the save locally because when they return to work dunno what version to open. 

In my opinion you should continue using save on local but publish everything before stop working. This way when you come back to work you always get the more recent version from server. The save is just a safeguard to any unespected error.

About or other question the modules are always associated with the same app. The modules on independent Modules are the ones that aren't associated with an app.




I don't like saving locally, it only messes things up.

imho you should always publish and do that often.. if you are in a module for more than 1 hour you end up with merge-issues anyways...

small changes, publish often.

Thanks guys....