Changed an Entity name and have Database Integrity Suggestion messages on 1-Click


I am building a typical data model within core module with many entities.

After review I changed the name of an entity which has entity attributes that are linked as foreign keys from other entities.

When I changed the name of the entity the platform did a good job of updating the links between the all entities, so it recognised the historic links and everything looked ok. I then changed all the Foreign Key names in each of the other entities to keep the naming convention consistent.

The only problem I am not sure how to resolve is a database integration suggestion message that comes up as many times as I have foreign key relationships to the entity I changed. I print screen the message in the attached.

How do a remove the messages?

Hello Hamish, this alerts don't cause any problems, the plataform is only inform you that these fields can be removed. If you use a On Premisse setup you can ask you DBA to remove fields, if you use OutSystems Cloud Enterprise You can open a ticket for that or if you use a free version you can use a component to clean your enviroment.