Blackscreen before splash screen is black again

I have implemented this on my app.

When i try to run the app for the first time, it work. But after i close it and open it again it show a blackscreen again. after that i try to close the app and clear all the stack in my phone (my phone is android) and it works. Is there any solution for this?

Hello Ervin.

The splashscreen is native, so, it should always work. Did you closed the app or just sent it to background?

Does it happen with a clean app? (e.g.: create a new mobile app and just customize the splashscreen, don't implement anything else other than the splashscreen customization)


Hi Ervin 

Can you share sample code?? 


thanks for all your reply... after some research, i finally find out that in android, i have to set SplashShowOnlyFirstTime to False. Once again, thank you for all your response all.