Editable Table Line Count Bug

I am using an editable table on a screen and I need it to show all of the line items entered by the user.  I have set the LineCount of the widget to be whatever the maximum count of records that the user has entered.  The user is able to add 50+ records to the screen.  We do not save these records automatically but when they click a "Save" button on the screen.  We are able to save the 50+ records.  However, after the screen is reloaded, it only shows 51 records instead of all of the data entered by the user.

Is there a restriction on how much data can be show on an editable table?  I found this post saying there was a bug with the maximum records (https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/15291/editable-table-line-count/), but this was 2 years ago and I would imagine it could have been fixed by now.

Note:  There is no maximum records set on any of the queries.

Hi Rebecca,

I'm not fully following your scenario, can you explain it further? Also, if you increase the initial Line Count of the Editable Table to a number greater than 50, will it show more than 51 records after the screen is reloaded? 


I tried until 54 record inserting to  the EditTable widget using the Order module in the learning course and so far so good.



The default line count on an editable table is 50 ... I set it to the Count of the records on the list  

It allows us to add records to the list past 50, but when "IsEditMode = False" then it only shows 50 records.  We need it to show all of the data.

hi Rebecca,

You are correct, when i can add and then list it, only 50 is shown, it seems that the Line Count logic is wrong. I trick it by giving large value, say it 5000 and all be all right. Hopefully the next version will be fixed by team.