Plea for help from a newcomer

Could anybody spare 15 minutes to point a newcomer in the right direction, please?  I am caught in the awkward spot of having a client demonstration due in a few hours on a Mobile app, and have some issues that any I have run out of time to resolve.  Am working in Outsystems10 (10.0.717.0) in the Personal Development Space:

1.  When using SilkUI samples in my module, there are some images that the screen calls for which I cannot find in the Samples databases (imageboard6, for example).  Please could someone tell me where they are in the Samples module so that I can copy them to my module?

2.  Uploading and viewing .pdf files:  this ought to be straightforward, but I just cannot work out how to do this.  Have considered that the pdfJS Viewer plugin ought to do the trick, but without any .pdf's in the database.......!

3.  Despite multiple viewings of the videos and reading the documentation, I still do not see how to apply a template and patterns to my module.

It would be very much appreciated if a more competent user could feel kind enough to point a duffer down the right paths, please.  Thank you


hi, for point 1, try to use search tool:

for point 2, my mate use java and jasper report.



Thank you for the quick reply., Batik

On 1, the search tool could not find anything - hence my puzzlement

On 2, please could you send an .oml that demonstrates what your mate is doing?

Many thanks


Sorry i cannot send the .oml because it is a real project. Basically, it is a jasper report that can be called from a url. So there must be another  web server for that jasper report. 

Once it is created, use web service REST from outsystems to call that url. May be you can read more on jasper report on Internet.



Thank you again.  I think it is not so much the reporting as the uploading of the .pdf in the first place, which is giving me trouble.


Hello Graham

1. Images usually are in layer Interface, folder Images. Or they can also be in layer Data, under the folder Resources.

2. pdfjs Viewer (Forge component) is for Web only. Don't know if there is any PDF viewer for mobile. In android you could use AppLauncherPlugin to launch the file using intents and let the user pick a viewer. But you need to know how intents works and I don't know if this is possible in iOS (don't have one, never tested).

3. The template you chose when you create your mobile application (like Phone, Tablet, etc). After that, when you create a RESPONSIVE module, it will be created with everything you need to create your application. It's just create pages, add patterns to them, add logic and test it.

Good luck on your demo.