multi tenant,SQL test button external connection configuration?

Hi, the application uses the oracle extension to go to an extrenal oracle database. This works correct.

In the runtime the action "

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"is used to connect to the correct external  database.

In service studio in an advanced SQL you can select an tenant with the test button. However this does not connect to the correct external database. (see top picture)

Is there a way to configure what external database belongs to what tenant? 

PS, note that this is different from: when querieing the native multitenant database. 

Tenants in the platform aren't tied to specific databases. Having different databases per tenant would actually be a nice platform feature, but since it currently doesn't exist, I'm assuming your issue comes from a custom solution, where you have tables with the same physical name in different external databases.

If that's the case, then the only way I see to switch the external database context is using an extension. You won't be able to switch databases to get different results on an aggregate. Still, since all databases will have to contain the same tables, you should be OK just using the default database to test your aggregates in development time and then testing the others further in runtime.