Data recover after I delete it.. from where and how to stop it ?

When I delete records from Database Entity with delete function, after few minutes thay come back in my Database Entity.... Why ?  

How I can this delete for all time   


how do you delete them?

by any chance, if you encounter an error, the transaction will be rollbacked.

Hi Gabriel,

If you are in work flow and you called delete action or you write advance sql for delete and if any error occurred before end node then all database transactions will role backed I guess you are facing same scenario.

If you want to delete record permanently whether error occurred or not then you need to use CommitTransaction action just after using delete action.




Thanks. I resolve my problem with update  record and after that delete it :)

thanks for your solutions :)


Hi Gabriel 

Doing update and then delete is not a good practice. You should search for a cause of the problem a try to fix it. 

Maybe you can provide more information about what you are doing and what is your use case. 

My problem is that I add some record in Database and after that edit entity (add new attribute)... And that is reason why i have problem.. 

After I add data to all attribute in entity and delete all record all is ok.

Sory for my bad english i hope you understand me :)

I don't understand it all, but hey, you solved your problem yourself, so that is great!

good luck!