Display first page of pdf as image


How to display and save only first page of PDF as image?

Can anyone please help me.


Hi Pratima,

The OutSystems Platform does not have an out-of-the-box solution for handling PDFs. There are some components in the Forge that deal with creating PDFs, but I don't think any of them allow saving pages as an image.

Hi Kilian,

Thanks for your reply,

Yes, I found the one component related to my topic  "CreatePDFImages" which is  used to creates image from provided PDF file path and output image format can be bmp, gif, jpg, png or tiff.

But while I am installing this into my environment ,I am getting an error like this

Hi Pratima 

It seems that you are not using latest dot net framework on your machine. Please reinstall dot net framework 4.6.1 on your development machine and then retry.