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We are integrating our current mobile app with an external SSO solution by using (https://github.com/EddyVerbruggen/cordova-plugin-safariviewcontroller), which opens SSO screen in an in safariviewcontroller where user enters credentials in return we receive a code with which we are calling Rest API's of SSO to get the access tokens and user info. Now the issue we are facing is how to replace existing login module (system user table , user_login method , Roles) as we don't have user name and password to pass as input parameters to user_login method.Please see the below for your kind reference.

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Rajashekar Reddy Ette 


not sure what you want to achieve?

even with SSO you should get some sort of username back in a header or something like that.

if not, it's pretty hard to know what is what.

the password you don't actually need 

Hi Raja,

If you facing this problem, I have one more solution for you. You can use IDP for SSO-


I use IDP in my application for SSO, we will get SAML response after successful login. We will get username in the response and  roles if you configure it on the server.

SAML response is understand and read by Outsystems and username & Roles will be created automatically in the OS.


Rajat Agrawal