Hello everyone...

i want to ask you about

I have a column in the table which is a "Flags" and I want dropDown and I can not do it except by making it Entity

My question is, I want Column so that if the "Flags=Yes" take the red Circle and if it is not check the Column of "%Com" if it makes it 100% take green Circle.

Hint: I am a beginner in Outsystem .

Thank you...


First of all, this is not a outsystems specific problem, but more of a basic-programming problem.

Second, I am not sure what you actually want to achieve....

green circle = 100% COM

red circle = flags=yes

otherwise what would it be?

I suggest to start simple, and simply checking if the flag is set to yes

(btw, if you use boolean for the flags  you can say true=yes, false=no)

Hi Arwa,

I think your use case is if flag=yes then Red Circle otherwise green circle where Flags is your static entity

then simply you can put in if condition Entities.Flags.Yes  then Red Circle otherwise Green circle



I think we need better explanation from Arwa to assist her better.