Form inputs disable when retrieve data from RESt


I have a REST api im consuming getting entity by id and im assign it to an input parameter that is a strcuture from the same of the data return from the api by id. in the UI i have a form that is referenced to the parameter. and when im running the app the form is not editable. can anyone know what im missing?



can you share your oml.

did you set "editable" to true on the form.

Hi Shahar,

Can you please check enable property of form?

If it is correct then please attach the oml so that I can look into it.



Hi Shahar 

Let us know if you can share screen shot or oml? 


Hey guys as we speaking i have deleted the things and connected it again and it worked which means i dont know what cause the issue. anyway thank you very much for your quick answer guys !

btw the enable property was on true thats the first thing i did at the first time.