Flickering images in stacked card

Hi everyone, 

I'm using silk UI stacked card widget. The widget seem to work fine but when I try to move the top most card , the next card in the list starts flickering annoyingly. ALSO , I have linked all the images to different pages but the link does nothing even after tabbing it over again again. 

What is it I'm missing ?



Hi hafsa, 

Can you please share sample code?? 

Suraj Borade wrote:

Hi hafsa, 

Can you please share sample code?? 

Hi Suraj,

           Attached us the test oml of  what Im doing. The source list is not working in my 'test.oml' some how but its working fine in my real project. I wonder how , but the flickering effect I was getting is solved but now the problem im having is I want the images (stacked cards) when clicked or touched to move to the specific URL which im not able to acquire. What can be the reason. WHy the images lined are not moving to the URL. this is my first project with stacked cards so I might be doing something wrong.