I have a personal cloud Dev environment where I have been experimenting with a process and its behavior. 

I have an automatic activity (AA 1) within the process which has its StartDate set in the future (2 minutes). 

When the process executes I see that activity is having a status of Scheduled.   

If I terminate the process however prior to the time the activity should execute the activity remains in Scheduled status. 

I did observe however that it never actually executes.  Is this the expected behavior? 

I had thought the status of the activity would also become Terminated since it never ran and won't run.  Why does it remain Scheduled?

See attached screenshot

Hello Darrell

I think this is the expected behavior. I'd say that if an activity has a schedule assigned to it, it is techincally scheduled to run. If, for some reason, the process is terminated, it does not change the fact the activity has a scheduled time to run, it just won't run, however



Hi Angelo

Can you please provide more explanation with example?? 

Thank you Angelo, it just seemed odd to me that every other activity in the process is showing as Closed or Terminated, but this one activity forever remains as Scheduled.  When I first noticed that I assumedit was because it was scheduled asynchronous it would still run but it didn't run because it's scope was the terminated process.

Hello Darrell and Suraj

Yes, Darrell, I think it works like that. It is schedule, in the sense that it has a scheduled time to run, but since the process in which the activity is called is terminated, the activity won't run even though it's scheduled. Instead of terminating the process, have you tried locking it just to see if the behavior is the same? I would imagine so.