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Published on 2018-09-05 by Carlos Alfaro
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Published on 2018-09-05 by Carlos Alfaro

Good morning,

I have 185,152 documents (PDF, DOC, XLS, MSG, ZIP, etc ...) to upload to IBM directly via Outsystems. For outsystems to run in Portugal she does not see the documents on my machine, and in the folder RESOURCES, if I upload a file with more than 12mb, Outsystems does not compile !!!

Does anyone know of a better way to do this? Or some component that can meet those needs?

Hi Michael.

OutSystems will not be the preferred choice to transport files from one place into another in bulk. Where are you going to store the files in IBM? In a database table? Shared filesystem? Or some other vendor-specific storage?

Either way, I would search for how to bulk upload files into that IBM service. For example, if you are talking about DB2, searching Google for "how to bulk upload files into db2" comes up with the LOAD command (I haven't checked whether that would suit these particular needs).

Once the files are neatly stored in DB2, you can read them from OutSystems. You can also have uploads writing files to that database, but not on the massive scale that you've described.