Issue with editable table widget not displaying correctly


I am using the outsystems personal environment, to develop a very simple application. I am using the editable table widget and it has been working well, however for some reason the behaviour has changed in the last week. There a a couple of issues, please see image attached:

  • the display for each row has changed 
  • controls not appearing

Its seems strange for this to be happening, but would appreciate it if anyone has any details on this.



Hi Nick,

can you elaborate on what controls are not displaying (and in what circumstances) and how was it displaying before? The documentation example is not particularly interesting here, as it is showing regular inputs and yours has a dropdown and checkboxes... 

Thanks for the reply Jorge. 

The first screenshot indicates what is currently being displayed with no row border and no controls tick(save), cross(cancel) and trash(delete) when the page is initially opened. I don't have a screenshot of what it looked like before because it was working just fine, as per the second screenshot of what an editable table should like.

As far as I remember you have to click somewhere on a specific row for the controls (save, cancel, delete) to show up at all...

And this is one of the issues now, when I clicked in the row it used to display the controls, it doesn't anymore. It also never used to display each cell individually as it is now doing. It also doesn't allow me to add a record, which is standard for the editable table. 

Can you check the Browser's Console for javaScript errors? this seems like something is messing with the standard behaviour of an editable table.

If you can provide an OML with this issue maybe we can look into it. 

That's what I thought, but not sure how this could happen. I'll see what I can do.

Thanks for your help Jorge, much appreciated.