Import entities from Excel only doing half the job


I have just completed the web developer training course only and attempting to build my second application.

I have found an interesting problem on the importing of tables to create entities.

I created an excel document that had up to about 20 tabs (entities). All followed the same format as trained. When I imported it there were no error messages, however there were 4 - 5 entities missing that were in the Excel document. The other entities were created happily.

To test out what it could be I took one of the tabs that was not created and put it in it's own excel document by itself and tried to import it. This time an error message appeared "Unable to import Excel file: No Worksheet with data was found in the Excel file. Click Help for more information on supported formats."

I have loaded the separate tab excel to this comment. What am I doing wrong?



Well, it's exactly as the error message says: there's no data! It's not possible to create Entities from an Excel without also providing the data, as without data, the Platform doesn't know what data type the Attributes are.

well, it does not contain any data.

it's just a header

d'oh, kilian beat me to it.


Hi Hamish,

Do you noticed the SheetName property of the ExcelToRecordList widget?

Most probably you are passing a SheetName that does not exist on your excel.

Hope it helps you.

Daniel Martins


Interesting....I will investigate more, it's none of the above.

You can create entities with no data, as long as the sheet has the column names only. The platform guesses the type.

I will take more of a look at the ExcelToRecordList piece, however it should have it.