Single Sign-On and Session Variables


is it possible to share (user created, not system) session variables between espaces? how?

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Bruno Rabino
Well, no answer, I'll assume that means that it's not possible ... thanks anyway
Maybe you can use a Entity that is shared between the sollutions, that hold a user with variable/value pair?

Matthias Preuter
Software Engineer, OXXIO Nederland BV
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Sorry for the delay answering to your question!
If you are using the platform version 4.1 (which supports the Single Sign-On mechanism), you can define a session variable on a given eSpace and a set of public functions to get/set the session value.

The UserMasterId and UserMasterName session variables defined on the Enterprise Manager have a similar concept, although their values aren´t set by the consumer eSpaces.

José Martins
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