Linking to a folder



I need to create a link to a local folder (C:\Desktop). I have tried to use Destination as Common\ExternalURL  and provided the path to the local folder. But it is not working. 

Hello Jorge

Could you give a little more detail on what you're  trying to accomplish?



Hi Jorge,

Like Ângelo says, you need to provide some more details. Do you want to click on a link, and then an Explorer window opens in that location? Or just the browser displaying the folder contents? If the latter, you can use the "file://" protocol.

Yes Killian, I want to access the FILE EXPLORER in the desired FOLDER. But your option is not working

"file://<path_to_the_folder>" in the destination parameter (in the link).

Hi Jorge,

That's not possible. Your browser cannot start the File Explorer (or any other application for that matter).


OK i HAVE it solved. 

i put 

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet


and it worked :D


Hi Jorge,

I'm not sure what you mean. For one, you don't need all the slashes and backslashes, this ain't C. Just "file://c:/desktop" works as well (but note the forward slash!), like I already said in my previous post. Secondly, the link you provided does not say it's possible to open a File Explorer, because thirdly, that's what you asked and still doesn't work, at least not in Chrome (are you using Edge perchance?). 

I am using the Internet Explorer, and it really need all the slashes to work.

It worked as in IE it have opened the windows explorer in the desired folder. It does what was asked: open the FILE EXPLORER from the browser (IE) in the desired folder. 

In Chrome it does not work, but this app will be used only in IE/I Edge so...

Ok, great you found a solution. A bit of googling can get you a long way :).