Here's a small challenge for fun... 

On the attached image you find a small and simple flow for mobile runtime.

The challenge is, what is the output of the flow given that:

  • LoopInsert is a javascript node that calls a client action named InsertAction. This client action in turn executes the CreateStepsEntity client action from the StepsEntity entity (local storage entity).
  • The StepsEntity is a simple entity composed of only two attributes:
    • Id - Integer, identifier that auto increments itself.
    • Steps - Integer
  • ConsolePrint client action simply calls a jsnode that makes use of "console.log" to output the received value.

Sometime in the near future I'll give the final answer to it and an explanation for those who don't get it right :)


João Gonçalves

I know that something is missing in there...

PS: nice initiative :)