iPhone native app rolling back to previous version


I made a mobile app, and made a few changes, but the native app on the mobile keeps rolling back to the previous version. How can I stop this?

I have tried reinstalling the app on the device after regenerating the app.


This can happen if you made some changes in the local entities that are not compatible with the data on your device. For example, if you changed an attribute from Text into Integer, then the values cannot be converted without data loss. So the app upgrade fails and you remain in the older version.

In this case, and if your app is already in production, I would recommend you not to change the attribute type, but to add a new one and populate it with a conversion from the old one at the start of your application.

If your application is not already in production, you can just uninstall it from your device (which will wipe all data on the device) and reinstall it.