I am looking for a solution to the following problem.

The customer has, local on his harddisk, in a specific folder, some files.
1. These files need to be copied to the application server.
2. Then the files must be moved on the client's system to another specific folder.

Does anyone know this is possible?

The point is that this should be as automatic as possible; so an upload solution is not what I am looking for.

For point 1 I think something can maybe done with the FTP extension but for point 2 that is not possible (AFAIK).
It would be handy if the client files are shown as a list in the browser but that means access to the clients harddisk.

So I am very curious if there are security restrictions and how to overcome them.

Thanks in advance!
Hello Hans,

Your 2nd point is not an OutSystems specific challenge. Since it is related to the client/browser you have no way to achieve that server side. Your only option is to develop a custom ActiveX (only for IE) or Java applet (requires java runtime on client machines) to achieve that. Even so, there are some restrictions on the kind of disk access. Maybe you should consider a WinForms (or Java) client application responsible for doing the client side application, which can communicate with the web application (via webservices for example) in order to do server side processing (uploading files, querying some data, etc)

The 1st point is related to the above... since it is a "client-side" matter, the uploading is a client problem, and the FTP extension will only allow you to do server side processing.
Gonçalo Borrêga