Hi all,

I'm trying to use Update<Entity Name> to update a specific record in my database, I'm planning to use Id to ensure that I'm updating the correct record. I think it should be really easy, but I have no idea why the Update<Entity Name> doesn't allow me to specify the record that I want to update, but instead there is only the input "Source", in which the only input it accepts is Get<Entity Name>.List.Current.Entity. I have also tried using "Assign" to update the record, but the "variable" input doesn't allow me to specify the specific record that I want to update. Kindly see the forum's advice on this. Thanks in advance!


Hi shouqin,

To make an update first you need to user a Get<Entity Name> or GetForUpdate<Entity Name> (this action locks the record for read/write). Update the record that those actions return with and assign. After that use that record on the Update<Entity Name>.