I'm learning the outsystems now.

when I do the NO.15 exercise ----Screen Lifecycle Ajax Interaction.

It's need use "timestamp" to make a "Comment button".

But the time display by timestamp is not my system time .

(I'm in China.)

It's looks like British time.

Hi Wentao,

The timestamp is the time of the server the application runs on. There's no easy way to make that your local time (also because the server doesn't readily know what time the browser is running in). There is however the Time Zone component available in the Forge, which you could take a look at.

Thank you for your reply.

But I don't know how to connect 2 application yet.

But I'm trying.

Would you like give me some idea?

HI, Gu:

see this link and you will learn much, include how to gravity the Forge component to your espace: