OSTagName Usage - Please don't close

I just wanted to know if using the extended property OSTagName was an issue? So that the rendered HTML is more semantic and better for SEO. 

H2 example:Just leaving it to render (without the extended property)would give the output as a <span>inside a parent <div> any styling would be done using the  Heading2 class. But wouldn’t it be better to use the extended property and actually get out systems to render the element in the DOM as a h2 ? We could still use the class but it would render as an actual h2 element..

I was having a discussion with a Dev and they didn’t think this should be used and just left? Personally as a designer , I don’t see the problem and will be better for accessibility and following better web standards. 

***I've tried posting the weekend (under my personal account) but my post keeps getting closed for some reason***

Hi Neil,

I'm going a bit meta here, but what do you mean with your posts "getting closed"? On the forum, there's no such "Close post" function, the most we can do is marking a post as the "Solution".

Weirdly this morning and over the weekend, i was getting a 'This post has been closed' purple error pop up when trying to access the post. Now it seems not to be happening.

Ok, thanks, I'll pass it along. It's a bug that's been popping up now and then.

I thought i was going mad... =) 

Any feedback on my question would be greatly appreciated

Well, I must admit I didn't know the "OSTagName" extended property before, but I could give my $0.02:

  1. It's a documented feature, which is described here.
  2. If you are going to use this feature, be sure to create one or more Web Blocks for the various levels, not hard code it on each and every header (kind of obvious, and not wanting to insult your intelligence, but just in case).
  3. I'd really only use this feature if you have an actual need for the semantics of the tags, as it slightly complicates your screen design (and is prone to be forgotten once in a while).

Hope this helps :).

Yes it was only to get the rendered html tags to generate the actual <h2>, <section> tags etc rather that just a <div> etc

Better for accessibility, SEO and web standards

Well, there's nothing holding you back to use them, but just realize they cost extra effort, and are not used that much in the OutSystems ecosystem.