Calling a Web Service and setting the SetWebReferenceURL

I like to call a web service dynamicly I use the SetWebReferenceURL to set the URL and when i send the request it timesout. I am seeing this on the setWebReferenceURL:

Unable to validate if the 'WebReferenceName' Argument of the run server action 'SetWebReferenceURL' refers a Web Service consumed in your module because the name supplied is not a literal.

if i use soapUI to call the web service every thing works fine.

please help.


Hi Ben,

SetWebReferenceURL works fine, you just need to make user that the webservice name is as expected. Most likely you are passing the wrong value.

Are you able to debug? And share a printscreen?


Hi Daniel,

What should the  webservice name be?



Thank you sir, It is working now.