Editable Table On Add Record Default Column Value


I would like to know if it's possible to have a default value on columns in editable table once the add record is clicked?

Thank you.

Hi allan,

If i understood what you wanted, just add a default value to each column of your Entity.

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Diogo Romero


The default value is calculated and base of some input of the user. I cannot use the default value in the entity.

Thank you.

Hi Allan,

As the default in the entity cannot be a function, then if:

- the default value is per entity basis  then you can just give information like this:

The default value then can be calculated in the onrowsave action.

Be ware also when use this widget:





The problem however, is that this default value can also be edited on the column. It just need a default value and later be changed by the user. If there would be a onrowinsert action that would be good. Remember that there would be a lot of rows soon as the user click the add record link. And I want that the default value in the column every time it hit the add record in the editable record. This column can then be change later.

Thanks you.


hi Allan,

May be it can be compromised by this work around:

- use callback function on other column, say it onchange on non default column:

then in that event, just calculate the default value (the user still can change it as it is input field):




Hello Allan,

You can accomplish what you are trying, at least for normal inputs, using the Value attribute in the extended properties, with a little bit of logic.

You check if the ID of the "current" element of the Editable Table is NullIdentifier(), and in this case, you give your default value (that the user can change), otherwise, you just set the correct value already in the list.

Other types of inputs like Combo boxes and check boxes will need some thinking and adaptation.


Hi All,

Thank you very much for all your response. I think that's the work around I can do.