Hello! I have some questions about how to print documents directly from an outsystems platform:

1st: Is it possible to produce pdf's directly from an outsystems platform?

2nd: Can I connect directly with a printer where I want to print the document? If yes can a choose from multiple printer locations?

Thanks in advance,

João Campos
Hi João,

The OutSystems platform integrates with Microsoft SQL reporting (this is shipped together with Microsoft SQL Server) services like a charm. Therefore, using this you can create pdfs, docs, xlss, etc...

Regarding printing what is exactly your requirement?
Hi Mário. Thanks for the help!

What I need is to print a document directly from my application (for example) if I had a button saying "print" when you click on it would show up a print dialog box to select the printer and then print the doument without having to save the document locally...

Is this possible?

Thabks for the help.
Hi João,

In a link or a button you can add an extended property onclick with the value
"window.print();return false;"

Also, if you wish to hide some elements from the printed page (e.g. the menu) you can add this to your css:
@media print  { 

.Menu { display: none; }
Tiago Simões
Perfect! Thanks a lot to you all for the help!
I know this is an older post but...
I am using what was said by Tiago, but I am wanting to know, is there another property so it can automaticly choose a specific printer, not just the defalt printer?

Selecting a printer is an operating system function.
So there is no way to select another printer...

there are some toolbars to make live easier eg: http://www.printpunk.com/