Validating dates with calendar widget


I have to input boxes attached with a calendar widget each. One is the beginning date and the other is the ending date.

I tryed to validate the last one linking to an action (that would validate the dates) with extended properties "onchange" but it didn´t work.

Does anyone knows how to do this?

Best Regards,

Francisco Neto
Hi Fransisco

Try use the event onpropertychange.

Nelson Inácio
Thank's but the onpropertychange just did the page loop on IE and did nothing on irefox...

Any other ideas?
Other idea, that i have at the moment is making only the validation of dates on the action that filters or insert that dates and verify, if the beginning date is grater than the end date and show a message.
At the moment, that is the best workarround, that i find.
Well, that will do the trick right.