I am new to outsystems and I am completing the final project for the mobile development course. The final project is a movie app generator. As sort of a proof of concept, I wanted to select multiple seats and when I click one seat it should go from green to red. The application knows which block I am selecting, but it does not change the color from green to red. I am changing an IsFree boolean on a data object, and my seat uses an If against it in StyleClasses.

Is there a widget or command to reload the widget to reflect this new change?

Thanks in advance


Hi Tim,

First of all, welcome to OutSystems :) I hope you are enjoying working with it and this is the first of many OutSystems apps!

Regarding your question, an OutSystems Mobile application uses the React framework so it shouldn't be necessary to reload the screen to see the changes on it. You must have some kind of missing logic. Can you share oml so I or someone in the community can help you?


António Pereira