everytime i post my latest post(TODO) is at the bottom but i want the latest todo at the top of the rest can you help me with this....thank you... 

I can only base this on the ToDo Web app tutorial I went through.

In the ToDo Screen, there is an Action named Preparation.  Double click that to view the flow and then double click on the GetToDos Entity.

Click on Sorting and you'll see (in my case) there is a sort already in place... sorting on Title.

I changed Title to CreatedDate and also added Desc to the sort.

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet

List_SortColumn_GetOrderBy(ToDoTable.Id, "{ToDo}.[CreatedDate] Desc")


 if you are refreshing any query at post button then Sort the post button query by like  "{ToDo}.[createdDate] Desc" .and if you are using the list_sort action to sort the list then pass the parameter like  "{ToDo}.[createdDate] Desc".

if will work.


Rajendra Singh

thank you guys i fixed it thank you but now my last problem is that i want a todo to have a username of the person who posts it like on the picture bellow.this is how i want my todo's to look like...can you help me here please