Outsystems Mobile App to Change Themes and Color Dynamically from Settings Option

Hi Team,

I have an requirement where user wants to change the mobile applications themes  and colors dynamically from setting options.

Please help me out for this.



Hello Dileep,

From the "OutSystems" point of view, a Theme is something that a flow uses (and the screens) and this can be changed only in DESIGN time (afaik).

But you can change styles dynamically easily, if the styles are pre defined. You can add or remove classes to the Body container, for example, and have a set of CSS selectors that will change accordingly to the different classes that are add in this element (like it happens in web with the Desktop, Tablet and Phone classes being add to the Page container in a Web app).

To be more "dynamic" is much harder, as you will have to define dynamic styles (Extended Properties) for your key elements (those that can change dynamically), where you go fetch data from database, for example, to define the style. But this increases the "work" and "maintainance" of your application, by a lot...

Eduardo Jauch 

I think you are better of changing the applied css file completely then on every item/widget individually.

For some inspiration, have a look at the Outsystems forge component that they use to demo the just the thing that you want. You can easily grab some code and ideas from their implementation.


Hello Tim

Your is a good solution, similar to add/remove classes to body.

 The problem seems to be the same thou. The styles will have to be predefined, or you will have to dynamically change the CSS file, which is probably a very good idea, with some modifications...

But change the theme, like sizes and positions, like changing from Lisbon to other theme is harder... (still doable)