Reporting in a Nutshell (with Microsoft Reporting Services)

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This is a tutorial for integrating with SQL Server Reporting Services for delivering pretty printing reports (pdf, doc, xls, etc) from your OutSystems applications.

More information about reporting services at:

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Mário Araújo

The file in the zip has no extension. How can I open it?

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Carla Almeida
Hi Carla,

There are several files in the zip folder, so there must be some kind of problem with your unzip program.

I've attached to this post another file with the same content that was zipped just now.

Did it work?
Hi there Mário,
Service studio 5.1 can´t open your sample. It complains about 4.0  - 4.1 version.
Is there any way to publish it so that service studio 5.1 can open it?

Great tutorial.


Eduardo Albarado

Here's a getting started with Agile Reporting Services webcast.

Afonso Metello

Solution upgraded to 6.0 is attached!

I've downloaded the solution and configured my report server however, I get 401 unauthorized access when I execute the web service.  My platform server and database are on two separate servers. When I enter http://<hostname>/reportserver/reportservice.asmx? in my browser I get the authentication prompt, enter my credentials and get back a listing directories from the report server e.g. Data Sources, Sales Report, Saved Reports

My Database is 2008 R2, Platform Server 6

Any assistance is greatly appreciated
Thank you for this solution! It is of great help but our team is now experiencing challenges in terms of security and authentication.

We are working in a domain and the server (and database) are in the same domain so there is no problem but once we deploy our project to the production server and ask the actual users to use the system (with the reporting), the system always ask for authentication for the server. How can we remove this authentication?

We've already set the RS configuration manager to a static server / domain and same with the report itself. We've also followed the instruction of 

Any help will be greatly appreciated. 
Hi Everyone.

I'd like to leave a warning regarding something we noticed when this solution was published in a recent version of the platform: the solution includes an old version of HTTPRequestHandler Extension that is not compatible with versions 7.0+ of the OutSystems Platform.

If you publish this Solution in 7.0+ you should afterwards go to the HTTPRequestHandler extension in Service Center and publish the previous version. If you fail to do so you will start to see errors in some of your other applications that depend on this extension.

We will try to update the solution as soon as possible.

João Atalaia.
Here is this solution updated to 7.0 and without the old HTTPRequestHandler Extension.

Please note that I simply refreshed references and re-packaged, I did not perform any tests.

All examples in the demo use an URL to the reporting services server. This works well when we are talking about internal or intranet apps.

When we need to use this in a website or extranet it is not possible because the reporting server is in an internal address, not reachable by the client computer...

I was trying to use the reporting services webservice (Reportexecution2005.asmx) to get this done, and I was almost there...
The problem now is that in the C# example they do someting like this:
 ExecutionHeader execHeader = new ExecutionHeader();
 rs.ExecutionHeaderValue = execHeader;

being rs the webreference class.

How can we assign values to something like the  rs.ExecutionHeaderValue?